The Studio - Where it All Happens

Juliette Hare O'Connor began her artistic ventures by producing papier mâché interpretations of the New Orleans cemeteries in the early 1990s along with watercolors of the Tombs of New Orleans that included the haunting epitaphs taken from ones that catch Juliette's eye as she roams the cemeteries of South Louisiana.

Juliette uses many of her own photographs, ones obtained from garage sales, estate sales, flea markets and other such places around the south Louisiana region and the photographs of prostitutes of Storyville days by Ernest J. Bellocq.

She has expanded her line to now include New Orleans Police Department Mug Shots of women arrested in the early 1900's for various reasons, but mainly prostitution.  Juliette's favorite reason for arrest was "street-walker". She considers this bogus!

Juliette creates unique one-of-a-kind art.  All of her art pieces are made from vintage and Victorian fabrics, buttons, jewelry, laces, maps, papers, old boxes, photographs, postcards and found objects.  Vintage religious icons, rosaries and crucifixes are used in many of pieces of her works. When available, the origin of an object is identified. 
Vintage camera film plate holders, architectural salvage pieces, roofing ridge tiles from post Katrina de-constructed New Orleans homes are used as the foundation for many works.  Some objects are altered and distressed with inks and watercolors and amber shellac.  Encaustic wax is used on many to give a sense of depth and age.  Setting some encaustic pieces on fire after coating with shellac gives a special effect that is truly unique.

Her fetish boxes of religious icons, Holt and St. Roch Cemeteries are filled with icons, rosaries, keys, metals, beads, fragments and other found objects  along with Juliette's photographs. 

On occasion a customer will request that Juliette create a fetish box or memoriam using his/her personal objects, photographs and small mementos of a loved one who has passed away.  These are always special to Juliette as she feels these items bring peace to her customer.

Originals and occasionally, copies of original personal vintage handwritten documents, journals and book covers are used and no commercially reproduced papers are incorporated in her art.

Juliette is always on the hunt for great salvage and good stuff!!  She travels the back roads and bayou land of Louisiana searching for the perfect piece.  The Green Project and the Preservation Resource Center are both great friends as well as eBay and online auctions!

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